Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bear With Me

I am new to the system, so trying to get the layout to look good! Bear with me and any suggestions are very welcome!
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Welcome and a little background!

Today is the first day of my life in blogdom. Perhaps this will succeed, perhaps it will not. The chance is like everything in education; well planned and well thought out will succeed; fly by night will not!

Online education and the instructional design aspects, teacher preparation, evaluation and assessment, and learner success are all areas that will be touched upon here. Other areas can be added as anyone sees fit. We can rant here, we can rave; all I ask is that we keep it related to distance education.

As a graduate student from Capella University, I have found that distance/online education has become my life's work. I graduated in March 2006 with a master's degree in education/specialization in online teaching and training.

I started on my PhD in Education; Instructional Design for Online Learning in April 2006. I am also taking coursework in Adult Learning Theories, as I believe that all education, especially online education, should be based in a theoretical apsect. As much of online education is aimed at adult learners, this seemed the right path to choose.

Here I will be posting interesting articles I find, research results, and other apsects (including my opinions, which I encourage debate upon!). Please feel free to add your own findings, thoughts, and opinions! We all learn from each other and without the community support we lose knowledge!

Enjoy and have fun.

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